Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crocheting Pumpkins...

Master Pumpkiniere, Cousin Bryon and Moi, Offerle, Kansas

Etsy Create Crochet Team is an awesome bunch of "over-the-top" (no! not over-the-hill ;) crocheters... don't take my word for it... check them out yourself... The September "team challenge" is to crochet "something pumpkin"... so I'm thinking about "something pumpkin"... pie, Halloween, Smashing, Kansas, bread, patch... oh, the list goes on... You do need to know that I come from a long line of wheat, alfalfa, maize and pumpkin farmers. Cousin Doug has been "family farming" all his life as did his dad and his grandfathers and their grandfathers... he has not sold out to the "corporate farmers" (what do corporations know about farming anyhoo?)... Cousin Bryon may have broken the chain though (much to his mother's delight) and is busy studying at Fort Hays State University... something about the math/science part of farming rather than the skin blistering, knuckle bashing part... But I digress... The task at hand is to crochet "something pumpkin" and get it over to the Etsy Create Crochet Team before they boot me off... and before September is over (it is the September 2009 challenge!)... I'm a little nervous about this challenge because I've never really liked crocheting round things... always seem to loose where the circle began... I've heard that there are handy little thingies called "stitch markers"... (I don't need no stinkin' stitch marker)... oh, yes I do!... I'm off to the fabric/yarn shop to pick some up... and if I crochet something something worthy of a photo, I'll post it for you... If not, It's on to the next challenge!