Monday, August 24, 2009

Arrivederci Handbags...

I returned home last night after spending three days in Phoenix, AZ with my exxxxxtended family. Twenty some-odd (oh, yes! some of us are odd!) of us gathered at Al and Lyn's to welcome Sonja to the family. She brought along hubby Artie and son Carson who happens to be the most delightful 8 year-old (hope I got your age right Carson... you can give me a "noogie" next time if I am wrong) you could ever hope for. Sonja, Artie and Carson are super-awesome... what a grand addition to the family! I also met fifteen-year-old Great-Great (and she is indeed Great!) Niece Sarah for the first time. She headed (no pun intended) home to Colorado donning an Aunt Lyn hair-color-weavy thingy that only a pro can pull off... she looks beautiful!... Niece Lisa, beautiful mom to Carolina and Claudia, is taking two of my favorite vintage silk kimono handbags home with her to live happily ever after in Florence, Italy. I couldn't ask for a more stunning young woman to sashay up and down the streets of Florence with one of my beautiful (if I do say so myself) little pouches dangling from her wrist.
Ciao my lovelies! I'll come visit one day!


WingingIt said...

i wanna go to italy too....hello my love...your artwork is divine as still processing!
much love

Lisa said...

Your handbags are waiting for you!